Depending on your needs, context and environment in your company, we study together your application to offer a tailored search strategy.


Take the time to understand your specific need is one thing, but it is essential to identify the “DNA” of your company culture, values and issues. Finding talent to naturally evolve within it is our business.


Our presence by your side and our expertise in the selection and evaluation of potential (assesment) allows us to present the action plan you need.


Our Methodology


KNOW and ANALYZE your need, DEFINE criteria.


We select and define with you the search criteria and collect your requirements. You are embroiled in this step.


PROBE the market and FIND potential candidates.


We develop the search strategy adapted to the criteria defined together.


SUBMIT our selection of candidates and QUALIFY their potential and skills.


Now, you meet the candidates that we have selected and we exchange all their subjects. Our board approach allows us to assist you in your choice.







  TAKING REFERENCES and VALIDATION of your decision.


We achieve a minimum of 3 professionnal references, provided by the candidate and accepted by himself.


ASSIST the integration of the candidate, VALIDATE his performance and EVALUATE your satisfaction.

During the first year, we conduct a follow-up integration and bring appropriate advice. We ensure their level of satisfaction as well as yours based on …