Career management

coaching Referencie-l

We assist people to identify and develop their own skills and put them into practice.

We help them find their solutions and their “field of possibilities” for implementation


Personal Life Coaching 

 Accompanying in steps of life, major transition (meeting, divorce, start in  working life, retirement, mourning).


Professional Life Coaching 

 Development of behavioral skills at work (public speaking, time management, stress ..) as well as managerial skills.

Development of “self confidence”control improve in interview, reintegration, identify new directions, etc.


Re-employment workshops 


Based on our expertise in recruitment and business, combined with collaborative techniques, intelligence and collective coaching and group dynamics, we offer workshops as part of the re-employment of managers and executives.

Each participant helps others and receive help from others to better understand its presentation face a recruiter, presenting his resume , write letters , prepare for interviews, anticipate future contracts, develop and search the network …

The team works every day so under the watchful eye of coach. Everyone agrees to participate , enjoy and share her experience and the experience of others , networks and reflections .

The coach , meanwhile , facilitates trade, helps to overcome fears, beliefs and bring out the “possible” in a positive energy.

In collaboration with Christophe Van de Voorde, consultant trainer and certified coach CCP, Manager of the VdeV Consulting company, workshops are held at our offices (La Madeleine) or in your offices in case of reclassified in your company.